Al Ameen Replication Manager - Program Features

High Control over Exchanged Data
Using this program, mangers can select the data that will be shared with other databases (branches) as the data is divided into bands, and each can be shared with data bands different from those shared with other branches. In addition to that, terms can be set to control the direction and rules upon which data transfer will be carried out.
Control Data Transfer
Setting data transfer direction: The program can be set to transfer data changes from the main branch into the subscriber (secondary branch) or vice versa or in both directions with the ability to determine what will be done in case of operations conflict i.e. selecting the party whose changes will be adopted in case there were different operations performed on the same record at the same time from both branches.
Auto Schedule for Data Transfer Operation
Setting schedule for times to initiate data transfer and receipt automatically with the ability to perform these operations manually when necessary.
Save Time and Effort
There will be no need to re-enter information that are already entered in any of the other company branches; ARM will automatically generate a file containing all modifications and activities performed on each database and transform it to the other branches, and automatically merge them into the other databases according to data exchange rules set after having it transformed.

Various Data Transfer Techniques
Providing different ways to transfer data files and execute data merging: Users can resort to manual data files transfer using CD or to PC Anyware Software technique, or they can send and receive files via Dialup Connection. In the last way, connection can automatically be made according to per-set schedule where files will be sent and received from other parties then automatically shut down.
Synchronization Log
Detailed log for every synchronization operation performed for each branch: The log will help users in knowing what is sent to and received from other branches.

Change Shared Data Bands and Transfer Changes Automatically
ARM empowers the main branch (publisher) to reconstruct subscriptions and change subscription terms or even cancel them at any time. In addition to that, modifications performed by the publisher will automatically be applied to subscribers without the need to any manual operations.