Al Ameen Human Resources System - Program Features

Delicate Authorities System
Delicate Authorities System
Delicate Authorities System
The administrator determines the levels of authorities endowed to each user.
link with working hours surveillance systems
link with working hours surveillance systems
Ability to link the program with working hours surveillance systems
It's possible to link the program with any automatic working hours surveillance systems ( such as thumb scanners, barcode, or magnetic cards machines).
Ability to export reports
Ability to export reports
Ability to Export Reports
The ability to export reports to Excel and HTML formats to send them via Internet or Email.
Suitable for All users
Easy to be utilized by all levels of users.
Ability to Issue Salaries Statements
Ability to Issue Salaries Statements
Ability to Issue Salaries Statements
For companies dealing with banks, the program is designed to issue salaries statements complying with banks requirements.
Integral Association with Al-Ameen Accounting System
Integral Association with Al-Ameen Accounting System
Integral Association with Al-Ameen Accounting System
The program can be associated with Al-Ameen Accounting System to ensure coherence of salaries process and relation with job costs as salaries will be automatically calculated with the generated entries automatically posted to accounts.
Easy-to-Use Interface
Comfortable user interface for long hours of work.

Remarkable Performance Due to Programming Language
Al-Ameen Programming language makes it compatible with windows system.
Compatible with All Windows Sys.
Compatible with Windows 98/Millennium/2000 and XP systems.
Ability to Send Reports Via E-mail
The program can be connected to the Exchange Server to send reports directly by email.
Efficient Performance on Networks
Efficient Performance on all types of networks.
Utilizing Microsoft SQL Server
Processing enormous data with the aid of Microsoft SQL Server.

Manual or Automatic Record of Employees' Working Hours
Handling daily working hours either automatically with the aid of work surveillance system or by typing employees in and out times manually.
Customizing Working Shifts
Users can easily customize working shifts and specify different shifts for each day of the week.
Various Multi-Options Printable Reports
Ability to supervise employees' vacancies, actual working hours, overwork and assignments with the help of different statistical reports that are rich in options for further specification of the report content in addition to the ability of printing those reports in the layout determined by the user.
Collective and Detailed Reports for Working Hours
Getting detailed or collective statements about employees working hours during a specified period of time with plenty of options offered to customize the report in the way it suits user's needs.
Handling Different Types of Workers Shifts with Flexible Working Hours
An easy approach to working shifts with the ability to define a limitless number of shifts and calculate actual working hours without being restricted to fixed in out hours.

Easy approach to employees cards
Comprehensive employees cards enabling the user to save all information necessary about his employees including personal and family information, salary, compensation, and discounts details.
Facilitating The Process of Identifying Different Departments and Positions
The user can define the different company or firm department via easy-to-use and comprehensive cards. This contributes to facilitating organizing, classifying and following up employees fairs (salaries, compensations,…etc.).
Abundant Printing Options
The user enjoys the merit of designing the layout of printed employees information with the various options provided.
Handling The Different Types of Vacancies and Assignments
Ability to deal with employees assignments and vacancies whether daily or hourly.

Various Ways Used to Calculate Salaries and Wages
The program offers users the freedom in identifying different methods used to calculate salaries and wages through which users determine how salaries are affected by overtime, vacancies, and income tax.
Automatic Handling of Employees Loans
Ability to record and handle long term loans automatically as the loan will be distributed on a number of installments. Each is cut automatically from the employer wage or salary at the end of every month for the last payment.
Processing Discounts and Compensations Easily
Users can identify an unlimited number of employees discounts and compensations with their effect on income tax and being affected by a number of vacancies taken.
Drivers Printing Options for Salaries Reports
Users can design the layout and content of printed employees salary using simple multi-options windows.
Detailed Or Collective Reports for Loans, Discounts and Compensations
The program offers detailed or collective reports about granted loans discounts and compensations with multi-printing options.
Calculate Employees Salary at Any Time
Calculate employee's salary at any day of the month.
Processing Social Insurance and Income Tax
Processing social insurance and income tax.