Al Ameen Accounting System - Program Features

Powerful report reviewer with printing tools
All reports available in ِAl-Ameen Accounting System are characterized by clarity and simplicity in results displayed. They provide a powerful report reviewer with zoom in or out of any area in the report, support of multiple report pages, ability to search for a certain text or figure in the report, and saving in text or excel format. In addition to these features, the program contains ready templates for printing reports.
Built-in Printing templates with the ability to modify
Printing reports using ready-made templates accompanying the program with the ability to apply any modifications on those templates to suit user purposes. This can be done through a simply –yet highly equipped design window.
Saving templates to Order reports in specific options
Saving options selected in any report as a default to go back and order the report without having to re-select those options again.
Customize Al-Ameen Desktop to Display Warnings
Customize Al-Ameen Desktop to Display Warnings
Customizing Al-Ameen Desktop to Review Warnings and Notification Messages
Showing or hiding alerts and notification messages on the desktop e.g. backup copy warnings and scheduled tasks warnings in addition to customizing the desktop to display certain information such as balances of certain accounts or post due note papers.
Shortcuts for Most Used Bills, Entries & Note Papers
Rapid access to most used bills, entries and note papers by placing shortcuts for them in the respective tab on the desktop.
Direct Connection with SyrianSoft Website and Customers Support Center from the Desktop
Direct connection with SyrianSoft website from the desktop: Users can review latest products news and recent downloads.If the user had an account on SyrianSoft website, he can also keep an eye on bugs and suggestions sent by him.
New desktop structure
New desktop structure
New desktop structure
Reconstructing Al-Ameen interface for more flexibility and to insure a higher users' productivity with the ability to customize Al-Ameen desktop to a large extent complying with users requirements.
Suitable for All users
Easy to be utilized by all levels of users.
Delicate Authorities System
Delicate Authorities System
Different Levels of Authorities
The administrator determines the levels of authorities endowed to each user.
Designed for Maximum Benefit
The program was developed to increase its user's productivity.
Full Utilization of Windows System
Full utilization of Windows System.
Monitoring Users Activities
Monitoring Users Activities
Monitoring Every Single Activity Carried out by Each User
The program saves a record for all operations and activities carried out by any user. Thus, giving the administration a complete supervision and acknowledgment of all operations performed. The log will contain the name of the user performing each operation, date and time of operation, operation type, and any notes about it. The log can be customized to display activities performed by a certain user - or by all users - over a specific period of time, and in a certain window (report, bill, entry...etc.), or of a certain nature: adding, deleting, printing, closing a repair order….etc. This log will register all operations including the operations of previewing or printing reports, bills, entries...
Avoiding mistakes and ensuring files safety
Avoiding mistakes and ensuring files safety
Avoiding Mistakes and Ensuring Files Safety
Offering different maintenance operations to avoid mistakes.
Loss-Proof Data
Loss-Proof Data
Loss-Proof Data
Providing the user with maximum protection of the files through using the backup process.
Rich Interactive Tutorial Program
AL-Ameen is accompanied with a tutorial program.
User Help and Support
User Help and Support
User Help & Support
Online help system is available along with a full Reference Guide as well as a Quick Start Guide.
Ability to export reports
Ability to export reports
Ability to export reports
The user can export reports in two different formats.
Exchanging Information between Files
Executing various operations on several files, such as importing or exporting bills and entries form one accounting file to another in addition to account cards and products cards and merging accounting files for several company (or corporation) branches in one accounting file.
Designing Printing Templates Via Microsoft Word
Designing special print templates in doc or xml format (i.e. using Microsoft Word program) relying on all different formatting and editing tools provided in Microsoft Word e.g. setting page margins, headers & footers, text alignment, tables properties, inserting company logo and any other necessary formatting to get the desired result.
These templates can be used in printing bills and entries.
Easy-to-use interface
Comfortable user interface for long hours of work.

Remarkable Performance Due to Programming Language
Al-Ameen Programming language makes it compatible with windows system.
Rapid Server..Rapid Performance
The high speed of the server guarantees a rapid performance.
Copping with multi-users-accounts
Remarkable function even with many users accounts.
Efficient Performance on Networks
Efficient Performance on all types of networks.
Connecting with other programs
Over 10 programs can be connected with Al-Ameen such as: Gold Accounting Software, Motors Workshop Software, Clinic and other more programs.
Various Installation Options
Al-Ameen can be installed on a "Stand-Alone-Computer" or on a network. In case of "Stand-Alone-Computer", the program and SQL Serve will be installed on the same computer. As for a network,the server had to be installed on an individual computer and Al-Ameen must be installed on work stations. In addition to that, one of the work stations can play the role of the server so that both SQL Server and Al-Ameen can be installed on it. Keeping in mind that the server is only necessary when work stations exceed 5 or when data size is too large (over 2 GB), It's usually advisable to use a server when working on a network for more than 3 users.
Ability to process massive data
The program is capable of handling data in Massive sizes.
Simultaneous Operations by Multi Users
All users can run different operations simultaneously.
Compatible With All Windows Sys.
Al-Ameen works efficiently on the following systems:
Windows 98 SE or Windows ME
Windows NT4/2000/XP/Vista
Windows NT4/2000/2003 Server
Utilizing Microsoft SQL Server
Al-Ameen works in compliance with SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 SPI. This means capability of processing enormous data in a fast speed

Viewing Collection Rate and Recognizing Most Committed Clients
The program offers a report for studying collection rate to figure out most committed clients. This report is equipped with few options enabling users from customizing it to view what's been collected from a certain group of customers or over a specific period of time.
Transferring Account Activities Easily
Transferring Account Activities Easily
Transferring Account Activities Easily
Ability to transfer all account activities to another account.
Diverse Currency Reports
Diverse Currency Reports
Diverse Currency Reports
Exchange rates variation calculation and single or multi currency reports.
Handling More Than One Budget or Trade Account at The Same Time
Ability to handle more than one budget or trade account simultaneously.
Assigning and Tracking Execution of Budgets for Accounts & Job Costs
Assign budget for each of your accounts over the different fiscal periods and track the degree of success in implementing them. Reports will help in spotting the difference between allocated budget and actual balance.
Hierarchical Job Costing Architecture
Hierarchical job costing architecture (main and sub job costs).
Account Card for Saving Necessary Information
Account Card for Saving Necessary Information
Account Card for Saving Necessary Information
Account card designed to help users in saving all necessary information and setting options affecting account activity (such as: activity default currency, debit or credit budget) besides displaying few details about the account (such as: last reconciliation date, and current balance).
Defining Customers & Linking Each with a Respective Account
Saving all necessary information about your clients 'customers or vendors' including personal and business-related information in addition to linking each customer or vendor card with his respective account.
Ability to import and export entries
Importing journal entries from different sources e.g. text or XML files and exporting them into text files.
Processing Accounts consolidation
Saving more than one consolidation for the same account and getting warnings when attempting to modify account activity at a date prior to consolidation in addition to comparing account balance at consolidation date with the actual balance at that date.
Customizing Desktop to View Reminders of Due Note Papers
Alerts can be triggered to get a warning of due payable or receivable notes to save time spent in reviewing and searching for them each time. Al-Ameen desktop can be customized to display a notification of due and post due note papers.
Fast Access and Auto Processing of Note Papers
Ability to select any note paper as a type of payment when issuing bills Provided that the Amount paid with any of the note papers can be distributed into a number of partial payments to be due after specific periods of time.
Simply Modified and Reviewed Bulletin Saving a Chronicle Record of Currencies' Rates
Simply modified and reviewed bulletin saving a chronicle record of currencies' rates.
Moving Accounts Easily
Ability to move an account from one to another after performing the accounting transactions.
Keep Track of Collecting Rate
Collection rate report to figure out the most committed customers.
Charts for Better Vision of Statistics Reports
Charts for Better Vision of Statistics Reports
Charts for a Better Vision of Statistics Reports
Providing statistical reports to study accounts activities using charts.
Adaptable Chart of Accounts
Adaptable Chart of Accounts
Adaptable Chart of Accounts
Ability to customize chart of accounts the way it suits the user.
Diverse Types of Accounts
Diverse Types of Accounts
Diverse Types of Accounts
Different types of accounts for maximum investment profit.
Multi-Currency Journals
Multi-Currency Journals
Multi-Currency Journals
Entering daily journal entries in one or more than one currency and easy handling of calculating exchange prices.
Easy to Set Exchange rates
Easy to Set Exchange rates
Easy to Set Exchange rates
Easy to set rate of exchange.
Control Projects Income & Overheads
Control projects' income and overheads via job costs. Job costs can also be employed to supervise manufacture outs, distributors or salesmen.
Control Drawer Activity Through Vouchers
Diverse types of vouchers to perform daily processes.
Various Types of Vouchers
Various Types of Vouchers
Various Types of Vouchers
Different types of receipt and payment vouchers.
General Ledger with Multi Options
General Ledger with Multi Options
General Ledger with Multi Options
Detailed or summarized general ledger with Multi Options.
Trial Balances with Numerous Options
Trial Balances with Numerous Options
Trial Balances With Numerous Options
Trial balances with numerous options (from date to date, monthly, yearly, comparing fiscal periods)
Various Options for Closing Accounts Reports
Various Options for Closing Accounts Reports
Various Options for Closing Accounts Reports
Closing accounts (Balance sheet, Profit and loss, Trading and Operating) with variety of options.
Dealing with Financial Notes
Ability to perform the different Processes on notes and checks such as: endorsement, collection, returning...Thus the user can easily know those accrued payments or recievables.
Various Options For Debt Ages Report
Various Options For Debt Ages Report
Various Options for Debt Ages Report
Variable options for debt ages reports.
Handling an Unlimited Number of Note Papers Types
Defining different types of circulating note papers such as checks and Credit Cards with an auto processing of their effect on accounts.

Previewing & Printing Valid Special Offers
Clear on-screen-preview of special offers defined with the ability to get a printed copy of valid or invalid offers.
A Collection of Profit and loss Reports
Many Profit reports with numerous options.
Charts for a Comprehensive Vision of Product Activities
Studying product activities with the aid of charts.
A Collection of Analytical Reports supported with charts.
Different analytical reports with numerous options.
A Collection of Inventory Reports
Different inventory reports with numerous options.
Wide Choices for Products' Prices Lists
The user can issue price lists in multiple prices at the same time.
Special Types of Bills for Assembly and Disassembly Operations
Defining an unlimited number of assembly and disassembly bill types with an auto-posting to stores and auto calculation of costs.
Handling Assembled and Disassembled Products
Supporting the process of defining and handling assembled and disassembled products as users can Set components (or disassembly outputs) for each product and state which of these components may vary in quantity or can be substituted by another one.
Designing Printing Templates Via Microsoft Word
Printing bills using templates in XML or Doc formats created in Microsoft Word program: This will offer users the opportunity to benefit from the tools available in Microsoft Word to reach desired results.
Comparing Computer to Actual Inventory
Comparing computer inventory to actual inventory using data collectors.
Variety of Cross-Tab reports
Variety of Cross-Tab reports displaying information by intersecting more than one aspect. Most of them can be ordered in a detailed or a summarized preview.
Printing a Group of Bills Together
A Special tool designed to print bills within a certain range of numbers (i.e. from no. to no.) with the ability to select the printing style used.
Implementing Special Offers
Auto-processing of different kinds of special offers: discount offers, gift offers (free item), or price offers.
Studying Products' Ages
Customizable reports studying products storage duration (period passed since products were entered to stores).
The Ability to implement FIFO (first in first out) Inventory Policy
The program provides users with a tool enabling them to modify products' prices in Out bills (Sales, Raw Materials Out, Out Store....) with the actual cost prices.
Auto-Generation of Products' Cards
A Simple mechanism for auto-creation of products' cards automatically: This tool will save time consumed in manual creating of products cards when their count is too big.
Modifying Whole Group Prices in a single click of a button.
Modifying prices of a group of products in a flash.
Importing Bills from Several Sources
Ability to import bill from several sources.
Pricing Bills with The Last customer's Selling or Purchasing Price
The Ability to automatically price the sales invoices with the last customer's price.
Built-In Bills Printing Templates with the Ability to Modify or Add
Diverse invoice printing options: a number of ready-made templates accompanying the program with the ability to customize them or create new ones in a way most suiting user purposes (formatting, pictures, logos, printed content).
Simple Processing of Packing Lists
Saving packing lists with the ability to generate bills from them or compare them with certain bills.
Handling Stock Transfer Between Stores
Handling stock transfer between stores or branches using two different types of transfer bills.
Variable Invoice Types
Variable types of invoices with the ability to customize or add new types (user-defined) such as delivery orders, and receipt records.
Auto-Generated Entries for Stock Activity
Auto-generated entries for stock activity.
Managing Numerous Stores
The ability to deal with an unlimited number of stores.
Supervising & Controlling Serial Number Activity
Handling serial numbers activity with equivalent multi-options reports facilitaing the process of tracking and controlling products activity.
Handling Unlinked Product Units
Handling product units with variant conversion factor.
Constant Supervision of Stock
Rationalizing products stock, and receiving alerts for products exceeding set limits.
Administering Pricing Policies
Six selling prices for each product with four pricing policies.
Classifying Products into Groups
A hierarchical structure for products to facilitate categorization.
One Bill from Multi Stores
Setting many stores for the products in one bill.
Diverse Invoice Printing Choices
a lot of choices for printing invoices.
Setting Special Accounts for Products and Bills
The user can set new trading accounts for every product to any sort of invoices.
Implementing Payment Terms and Tracking Customers' Commitment
Implementing payment terms and tracking customers' commitment.
Specialized Report Computing Profits from Each Serial Number
A specialized report computing profits from each serial number.
Discovering and Entering Missing Serial Numbers
A simple mechanism to discover missing serial numbers - those not recorded in sales bills - with the ability to record them and attach notes.
Special Report for Serial Numbers Inventory
Detailed serial numbers inventory report to exhibit all serial numbers available in all stores, certain ones, or those in stores as a result of being moved by certain bill types.
Handling Different Types of Products
The ability to define service-type products that can be sold without affecting stores and defining serial numbers and expiry date products.
Keep Track of Product Expiry Dates
Keep product expiry dates in check.
Comprehensive & Easy-To-Use Product Cards
Easy to define products and set their units via material cards.
Auto-Processing Taxes
Auto-processing taxes.

Significant Options to Design Labels
Labels design window equipped with as many tools as possible making label design much more accurate, fun and easy.
Designing Labels with Barcodes
Labels can comprise products barcodes supporting most common types of barcodes: normal and 2 Dimension barcodes.
Inserting EAN Barcode in Labels
Inserting EAN barcode in labels and selecting encoded information by this type of barcodes.
Various Printing Options
Printing labels for a certain product, group of products or for products listed in certain bills.
Inserting Information Driven from Products Cards or Bills
Labels can contain plain texts and information read from products cards, symbols, pictures or serial numbers
Saving an Unlimited Number of Labels' Designs
Saving an unlimited number of labels' designs.

Various Options for Importing and Exporting Information between Files
Importing and exporting bills and entries for different accounting files with the ability to transfer products and accounts cards.
Special Wizard to Import Customer's Cards
Import or update customers' cards information from text files: This operation is characterized by its simplicity and flexibility in setting information to be imported and the way customers' accounts will be created.
Special Wizard to Import Products' Cards
A Simplified mechanism to import or update products' cards information from text or Excel (saved in tab delimited format) with the ability to specify imported information and some options for updating existing cards.
Importing Bills from Different Sources
Importing bills from different sources such as: Barcodes, Palm machines with the ability to set imported information.
Importing & Exporting Entries
The ability to export journal entries into XML files and import them from both XML and text files.
Utilizing Dynamic Data Exchange Technique
Ability to transfer information to other Windows programs such as excel, word, and access by the means of Dynamic data exchange.
Importing & Exporting Labels Designs
Importing and exporting labels designes and paper settings through user-friendly windows.

Feasibility of Defining Assets
Feasibility of defining assets.
Handling Additions and Extractions From Assets
Easy to record additions and extraction from assets.
Control & Supervision of Assets Depreciation
Controlling and supervising assets depreciation process.
Various Methods for Assets Depreciation
Selecting one of four different methods to compute depreciation: straight line method, increasing premium method, decreasing balance method, and reevaluation method.
Chart of Fixed Assets
A chart of fixed assets displaying groups and assets defined in a hierarchical order. Some operations can be performed in this chart such as deleting, adding or modifying an asset, or ordering a certain report for an asset.
Tracking Operations Carried out on Each Asset
The ability to track all operations carried out on a group of assets or on a certain asset over a specific period of time.
Fixed Assets Statement
Getting a statement of assets available and those not available in stores with specific details printed (entrance date, origin and other details).
Computing Assets' Rental Values over a Specific Period of Time
A statement displaying values of asset's rental over a specific period of time: This statement can be ordered for a certain asset or a group of assets, for assets related with a certain job cost or for those assets available in a certain location (store).

Diversity of Reports & Wide-Ranging Options
Peculiar reports for distribution companies (salesmen and customers collect rate, region and salesmen sales, most active customers, reconciled and non-reconciled customers, etc.) in a criteria defined by the user.
Distributors Software Can Run on Palm Machines and Pocket Pc.s
A distributor-designed program working on Palm machines and Pocket PC with which distributors can recognize customers information through the use of barcode labels specified for each customer with the ability to print bills using portable small printers.
Stable Grounds to Take Major Decisions
Distribution & Sales system is equipped with a number of statistical and collective reports facilitating the work of Sales Management and enabling it to change and plan marketing and distribution policies based on sufficient information and stable grounds.
Reliable & Simple Tracking of Distributors Activity Details
Sales system keeps a record of all processes held by each of company distributors during their daily round. These data then will be transferred with high liability to Sales Management. The program comprises also of a collection of reports summing up the actual activities of every distributor and comparing them to the desired target, customers visits, and activities.
Classifying Customers According to Sales Channels
Al-Ameen offers the best way to classify customers into small distribution units according to three different measures as investors will manage to classify customers according to the areas they live in, according to the distribution channel they represent (companies, factories, pharmacies, mini-markets…etc.), or according to the nature of their work (whole sale merchants, retail merchants….etc.). The program makes it also feasible to customize reports to study activity in relation with the different classes of customers; a report that will serve Sales Management in making a survey of distribution over these classes of customers, and recognize potential and actual space occupied by the company products in each class.
Easy Handling of Discounts & Special Offers
A ductile & flexible method used in defining discounts and bonus system and terms in respect with periods and customers types (whole sale, retail,….etc.) with an easy approach to set the budget of each distribution unit to guarantee obtaining the best results, and the ability to track granted special offers and discounts and their effect on promoting sales.
A simple and a flexible way to set sales-promoting-targets
Al-Ameen for Distribution & Marketing system offers an easy and specified method in handling goals and targets serving in sales promoting as it enables the user from reviewing the average sales on single customer level and for each product. it also distributes the desired target for each product on customers in the old sales percentage, then it accumulates it to get the new target in both quantity and value. These targets can be changed, modified or fixed following company policy.
Easy Approach to Customers Data & Distribution Lines
The program provides Sales Management with the adequate and required information about each consumer (customer name, sales channel, phone No., international code, maximum debit allowed….etc.). It also comprises of a flexible and an easy way to distribute customers on daily distribution lines according to the company sales cycle.
Dividing Market into a Number of Units & Studying Each
More accuracy, realism and professionalism in studying the market and distributors activity by dividing the market into marketing or distribution units; This will facilitate (or help in) putting plans on unit level.
Each of the units can consist of many areas divided on a number of distribution lines or can represent sales channels for different areas.
Authentic Method to Study Market Potentials & Promote Sales
Distribution and sales system provides Sales Management with various tools and reports enabling it form making life, detailed and genuine study of the market and from different aspects (sales channels, distribution areas….etc.).
Thus, effective decisions relaying on actual and true statistics and data can be taken to lead to authentic increase in sales.
Flexible in Calculating Commisions
Unique mechanism in calculating distributors and supervisors commissions covering the different aspects of distributors activities.
Statistic Reports to Study Distributors' Activity
Statistic reports for effective and ineffective visits of the distributors.

Full Automation of Manufacturing Processes
Full automation of manufacturing processes.
Checking Adequacy of Raw Materials to Perform Manufacture
Users can check the sufficiency of raw materials in stores to perform manufacture plans. They will be able to discover if quantities of raw materials in stores can cover plans and spot shortage - or lack taking other manufacture operations into consideration when checking quantities required for implementing a certain operation.
Manufacture Potentials
Figuring out the count of manufacture operations possible of a certain raw material depending on quantities available in the stores of that material.
Chart of Manufacture Forms
A Simplified chart displaying production outputs and listing under each product those forms producing it.
Pricing Raw Materials with The Actual Purchase Costs
Modifying raw materials prices in manufacturing bills to match their actual purchase costs.
Implementing & Tracking Manufacturing Plans
Setting and implementing manufacturing plans, and tracking this process.
Setting Inventory Type
Freedom to choose between periodic and last period inventory.
Different Reports to Study Deviation of Manufacturing Process
Special reports to calculate the cost for each product, and show cost deviation in quantities and amounts.
Change & Study Manufacturing Standards Easily
Ability to change and study manufacturing standards easily.
Automatic Manufacturing Operations
Automatic manufacturing operations with tight bonds to accounting and inventory.
Comprehensive Manufacturing forms Cards
Products’ manufacturing forms consider extra variant and constant expenseswhere you can change them easily.
Setting, Tracking & Executing Manufacture Plans
Setting, tracking and executing manufacture plans with the ability to check adequacy of products in stores to perform any plan or operation.

Support of Many POS Peripherals
Support of many POS peripherals such as the different types of ready-made POS machines, printers, customer displays, cash drawer, barcode readers and scales.
Comprehensive Point of Sale Reporting Features
Comprehensive Point Of Sale Reporting Features:
Reporting cash and credit transactions of each salesman.
Reporting cash and credit transactions of each cashier.
Reporting cash activity of each drawer.
Reporting receivable and payable activity.
Reporting reserved products.
Highly Customized Easy-to-Set System
It'll take you only few steps to set your POS system. Noting that the system is equipped with a wide range of options to guarantee maximum customization of it in the most convenient and appropriate way suiting your needs.
Automating Discounts & Rounds up
The user can make discounts and amounts’ rounds up automatically in invoices.
Handling Credit Cards Commissions
The possibility to automate credit cards commissions to be posted automatically to their own accounts.
Implementing Different Payment Methods
Ability to use different payment methods in invoices such as paying in cash, credit cards or other note papers even paying in both at the same time and handling payments in different currencies issue.
Simple Interface
Al-Ameen offers a powerful computerized retail management system that is faster, more flexible and much easier to use than any other conventional system. With the aid of common barcode scanners, touch-screen interfaces, computer cash registers and cash drawers, you can process your sales quickly and efficiently.We provide a customized POS system that improves business and transaction efficiency for retailers, restaurants and rental businesses.Al-Ameen POS Systems is designed to dramatically improve your control of inventory, customer information and point of sale details. The key benefit is that it simply and efficiently processes and posts sales to your accounting program automatically. This reduces the total time you may already spend entering in purchases individually, and ensures your accounting system is always up to date, error free and inventory controled.
Full Support of Barcode Machines
The program supports all types of barcode machines (portable and cashier).
Auto Processing of Taxes
Ability to set taxes on groups, products or bills and having them automatically implemented.
Check Product Price or Quantity before Selling
Checking items' quantities in stores or sale prices before listing them in the bill.

Full Management of Restaurants
Organizing all processes within restaurants through easy-to-use windows.
Easy Steps to Enter External Orders
Easy steps to enter external orders.
Keep Track of Delivery & Prepare Times.
The ability to perform analytical processes to calculate the time of preparing and delivering the items to the customers with performing a comparison between the estimated times and the actual ones.
Numerous Print Options
Multiple print options.
Control of Raw Material Consumption
Rationalizing the consumption of the raw materials by entering products' ingredients.
Dealing with Multi-Kitchens
Ability to specify items for each kitchen.
Utilizing Barcodes in Delivery Orders
The ability to use the barcode system to facilitate delivering the external orders.
Processing Tables Orders
Simple steps to enter tables' orders, with a number of statistic reports to study tables and host activities.
Simple Design and Incredible Ease of Use
The different screens in restaurants system were designed to offer users with maximum flexibility and speed in handling the different processes as everything you will need to do in restaurant works from the sub screens that are accessed through the main screen.

Every aspect of these screens can work with or without a mouse as you can move around the entire screen using either "TAB".

Full Administration of Hospitals Systems
Total management of all the processes held in hospitals.
Recording Patients' Information in The Patient Card
Saving the personal information of each patient to revise it whenever needed.
Patients Statistical Report
A statistical report displaying the number of resident patients during a specific period of time, males and / or females from different nationalities with the ability to have a preview of patients whose ages range between a certain value (for example: number of patient kids from 1-10 years old) and filter them according to their gender or nationality.
Clear Chart Displaying Different Hospital Sections
A simple chart of sites offering a clear demonstration of the different hospitals' sections in a clear and a simple hierarchical structure with the ability to perform the various required processes of deletion, addition or modifications within it.
Patient Accounts Report
Obtaining account report of a specific patient, patients related to a certain account or a patient profile and during a specific period of time.
Ability to Reserve Hospital Rooms
Ability to reserve hospital rooms and know occupied, reserved and empty rooms at any time.
Keeping Track of Surgery Charges
Ability to set consumed materials and charges of each operation.
Patient File Connection to Accounting & Stores
Entries and bills automatically generated after any addition to the patient file.
Authentic Patient File
Following up patients' operations and progress through multi-pages patient file.
Easy to Identify Operations and Sites
A collection of easy-to-use cards to identify different hospital sections and operations.
Saving Patients Treatments Plans and Supervising their implementation
Users will have the ability to set treatment plans stating quantity, recurrence and times of medications (or meals or even tests). The program also provides a window providing a clear overview of all plans saved, allowing users to know which doses (medications..) became due at the exact time and date as the content of this window will be automatically and momentarily updated to reflect any new plans added, and update current plans status according to their due time. Treatment plans are connected with the accounting and inventory system as the program will generate necessary bills when recording the execution of any part of these plans.

Different Cards to Identify & Organize Laboratory Analysis
Ability to identify and organize different types of analyses through easy-to-use cards.
Saving Time
Saving radiographic results once, instead of writing them down each time.
Simple Steps to Enter Analysis & Radiograph Orders
Simple steps to enter analysis and radiographs orders.
Full Connection with accounting & Stores
An Automatic link for all analysis and radiographs orders with accounting and stores so that entries and bills of consumed materials are generated directly after adding a new order.
Controlling Materials Consumed in Radiograph
Controlling materials consumed in radiographs.
Many Options for Analysis & Radiograph Preview
The user can preview analysis or radiographs performed or ordered during a specific period of time by a certain patient or account or for the account of a certain patient file. With the options provided, the analysis and radiograph results displayed can be filtered to view those finished only or those processed (not finished yet) only or both.
Monitoring Analysis Results
Ability to compare patients' analysis results with the natural (accepted) values and get warnings when results exceed the minor or maximum expected values.
Recording Analysis & Radiographs Orders Details
Recording ordered medical analysis and radiographs with all information necessary all through user-friendly screens, orders can be related with patients' dossiers – if hospital system was connected with laboratory system.

Easy to Set
It takes only few steps to be able to start working within Hotels system.
Tracking Rooms Status at Any Time
The following two windows: "Chart of Sites" and "Monthly Sites Status Table" will facilitate tracking rooms status at any time in the month at one glance and recognizing those reserved, occupied, vacant, and out of service rooms.
Previewing and Printing Residents Information
the ability to review and print a listing of names and information of residents who stayed in the hotel during a specific period of time, or of a certain age with the ability to select information displayed.
Ordering and Printing Residents Statements at Any Time
Simplicity and accuracy in ordering residents statements and at any time.
Full Integration with the Accounting System
Full integration with the accounting system: An automatic posting of entries and bills, ability to record receipt entries and get financial reports about revenues and expenses.
Auto Processing of Accounts and Stores Activities
In hotels System, the program automatically generates bills for consumptions recorded in residents dossiers in addition to generating entries for residence and additional services offered or for down payments received for rooms reservation.
Recording Offered Services with Workers Fees
With the additional services card, users will be able to define all services or operations to be offered to residents such as: room service, cleaning service, transportation, extra features…etc along with recording their costs and the fee every employee - worker or driver - will receive for performing this operation or service. Depending on information saved in additional service card and Employee card, the program will generate entries for additional service cost and employee fees.
Full Supervision of Materials Consumed During Residents Stay
Recording meals offered for residents along with their prices in addition to materials consumed during resident stay in the hotels (such as cleaning stuff, shampoo,…) with their prices, and generating bills to confirm drawing these materials from stores.
Saving All Required Information and Pictures of Guests and Their Companions
With the Resident card, users can save personal and general information about every guest (name, address, phone, picture) and any notes in addition to recording information about companions in resident dossier to return to them when necessary.
Performing All Operations - When Dealing with Guests - in One Window
Resident Dossiers consists of a number of pages to record all necessary details about residents stay in the hote.
Simplified Work Environment
Simplified work environment ensuring speed and accuracy in saving information with the ability to cover and handle all rooms available in the hotel.
Speed and Simplicity in Performing Reservation Procedures and Recording Down Payments
Besides recognizing rooms status at any time in "Monthly Sites Status Table", users will be able to perform the operations of temporary reservation for any room there. All necessary details about reservation can be recorded (resident name, room, cost, expected period) along with the down payment received.The program will automatically generate entries for this operation and change room status from "Vacant" to "Reserved" and from "Reserved" into "Occupied" when reservation is confirmed.

Handling Purchase and Sell Orders
Handling purchase and sell orders.
Checking Ordered Products & Generating Purchase bills
Reviewing orders and generating purchase bills through the purchase order report.
Monitoring Orders Realization Level
Follow the progress in orders' status, and recognize those products that are lacking from your stores (or are most ordered by your customers).
Previewing & Filtering Orders
Previewing and filtering orders to see those products ordered over a certain period of time by a certain customer or supplier or in a certain status (delivered, refused...) to avoid any mistakes resulting from reordering or skipping products.
Checking Funds before Ordering
Ability to review GL before confirming any purchase order to check adequacy of fund.
Reviewing Sales and Purchases Orders and Studying Their Effect on the Inventory
The program provides users with a distinguished report helping them to know quantities ordered of each product, with the ability to refer to current inventory and see the effect of fulfilling orders on inventory.
Ability to Preview Products Ordered by Every Customer or from Every Vendor
Reporting products ordered by every customer (or from every vendor) with the ability to know the status of quantities ordered (how much is delivered, how much is shipped, and how much is not ordered yet)
Tracking Ordered Products Status
Ability to review ordered products and know what's fulfilled, what's under progress and what's not processed yet (depending on the different statuses orders undergone). This can be done using "Tracking Ordered Products Status" report. Options are provided to allow customizing the report to display specific information such as viewing only quantities in a certain status (e.g. viewing quantities that are shipped, packed....) or those products recorded in certain Sales Orders or Purchase Orders. It can also be customized to study status of products ordered by a certain customer (or from a certain vendor), or those concerning a certain store, or even to see what is recorded of certain products or a group of products.