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Posted by on 23/08/2017
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Posted by لينة الصباحي on 09/10/2012
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Students Delegation visit to SyrianSoft witnessed wide press coverage by a variety of Arabic and Syrian Sites, this – in turn –shed more light on the event, it also asserted the major role played by SyrianSoft in this field, and opened the door wide for greater cooperation in this field. “Aliqtisadi” online website mentioned that the activity targeted students from Information Technology, Business Administration and Economy Facilities, and it included field trip to the different facili...
Posted by أحمد أبوحسنة on 19/03/2012
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Reaffirming the role taken by SyrianSoft in social welfare, and proceeding previous accomplishments in this field; SyrianSoft welcomed students delegation from a number of Syrian universities on 6/3/2012 and took them in a tour over the programming department. The visit was arranged in coordination with “Experts Initiative” which is part of “Shabab” program – Syrian Trust for Development. SyrianSoft already had a record of previous initiatives and experiments in this field, and did always emphasiz...
Posted by أحمد أبوحسنة on 08/03/2012
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Part of SyrianSoft Programming Department Team It was the first of February 2012 when SyrianSoft© was announced to be the first national programing company in Syria obtaining the 3rd level of CMMI model, Version: CMMI-DEV v1.3. And it was on Thursday 1/12/2011, that SyrianSoft had completed the final appraisal test for gaining CMMI ML3 certificate (Capability Maturity Module Integration - Maturity Level 3). Final appraisal activities started early Saturday morning 26/11/2011, and was led b...
Posted by أحمد أبوحسنة on 08/02/2012
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Thursday 20/10/2011, SyrianSoft passed the preparatory test (Pre-Appraisal) to benchmark CMMI ML3 Certificate (Capability Maturity Model Integration Maturity Level 3) It was early Sunday morning 16/10/2011 when the appraisal team began its work. The team was led by Eng. Ahmad Abdul Aziz from SECC (Software Engineering Competence Center) from Egypt. Appraisal covered all programming projects that are currently running, process improvement projects and organizational training projects. For whole five days, or...
Posted by أحمد أبوحسنة on 05/02/2012
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Company History SyrianSoft Company was established in 1992. It started distributing Al-Ameen Accounting System commercially in 1994 and is constantly working on developing the program up till now.   Company Briefing SyrianSoft consists of a number of engineers, programmers and accountants the activities of whom covers analysis, programming, technical support and after sale services.
Posted by بدر بيلوني on 01/01/2012
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  In their habit of organizing, social and outdoor activities, SyrianSoft employees set out a trip to Ein el-fija on Sunday 19/6/2011 saying goodbye –spring for this year. The trip was coordinated by Eng. Ahmad Abou Hassna and Eng. Maher Alhindi. The members involved in this activity crowded at 10.30, got in the bus and headed to the restaurant that was agreed on. Many of the employees’ families and friends accompanied them, which made it more beautiful and charming, especially after the interaction...
Posted by Lana Diab on 30/06/2011
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